Sunday, August 10, 2014

Effort and rest

I went to one of my regular AA meetings yesterday and the chairperson was celebrating her sobriety anniversary. She read a meditation from one of the official AA books, and it was about the relationship between effort and rest. That a healthy life has good effort in it and it has good rest in it, in a good balance.

Two things about this struck me. First, my relationship between the two looks more like this: effort, effort, effort, effort, effort, effort, exhaustion, rest. It doesn't look like effort and rest, effort and rest. Second, the word "effort" seems quite different to me than the word "work." Not only does work have a monetary component but it carries a deep sense of obligation. Effort encompasses more of life.

So where do I want to put my effort each day and when do I schedule my rest? Good questions.

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