Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Exploring through writing

Last year, I explored some of my experiences with a new food plan through this blog. Now I'm exploring my relationship with sugar in a new book I'm writing. Every morning I get up and write for an hour. While I was on retreat during the early part of July, I put together some of the blog posts and created two sets of questions: one very research-oriented about the physiological impact of sugar and one very personal on the emotional impact of sugar on me. The questions took several days to write. I just kept thinking of things I might explore. It's a great pre-writing exercise for me.

Two weeks ago I started writing my way through the questions that concern the 12 Steps with sugar as my focus. It's turning into being a major journey of insights and understandings and one I am glad I embarked on.

What might you explore through writing?

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