Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The tired days of summer

Summer is my least favorite season. I love the sunshine but only if the temperatures are cool. 75 is about as hot as I want it. When it's cool like that, I love to have my house open, windows and doors, and let in the light and the breezes. But when it's hot (80+), I don't feel very good physically and I don't have much energy. And in the afternoons, I have to close the house up and so it's dark and noisy with fans. I get tired of that very quickly.

This last part of summer, the end of August, Nature seems tired too. The fresh greens of May and the bright greens of early summer are gone. The leaves are big and old and resting, I think, for the change to come. The energy radiating off the cherry tree has slowed way down, maybe due to heat, maybe light, maybe just time.

A part of me is eager for the fall, for the cool, for the energy of the new, as my mind and body still resonate with the beginning of the school year as a time of freshness and clean starts. So this is a good time for me to rest as well.

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