Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Considering our legacy

In our money group webinar last week, we talked about our legacy. Of course, there's the money you leave behind if you have it (or property or stock or whatever wealth you have accumulated that you don't need for yourself). But we spent more of the time talking about the other legacies we leave behind.

Some of that may be good works. Perhaps we volunteer for an organization or work for a good cause with donations of time and money.

Our children, if we have them, and their children are also a legacy, and if you have been a compassionate and conscientious parent, either when they were young or when you yourself came into maturity, that is a wonderful gift to the world.

And we spent time talking about the legacy of ourselves. Who we are in the world and how we are in the world. On average, we interact with about a thousand people a year in mostly casual ways. How will they remember you? Kind soul? Drama queen? Needy and pushy? Giving and compassionate? I hadn't really thought before about how my daily mood could impact my legacy.

Later in the afternoon I went to the bank and there was a guy with Street Roots to sell (a Portland newspaper put out by the homeless) and I didn't want one and usually I just nod in my shy way and get back in my car. But today I said no thanks and then asked how he was. And he said his brother had had a heart attack and he was worried. And I gave him my sympathy and said I'd say a prayer for his brother Jerry. And when I got in the car, I did. It significantly changed my day.

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