Thursday, September 25, 2014

Embodying "It's not too late"

In my recent newsletter, I wrote about seeing Crosby, Stills, and Nash on stage and being thrilled by their continuing creativity into their 70s. When you go to a three-hour conference and hear new music by elderly guys, you know it's not too late to do those things you want to do. 

Sure, you may not have enough time to become a concert pianist or a black belt in karate, but who knows? Maybe you do. You can at least get started and see where it takes you. I started painting well into my 50s and seriously writing even later than that. And I'm nowhere near stopping.

I'm a part of the first year of the Baby Boomers (born in 1946) and I know we are doing old differently than our parents did and way differently than our grandparents did. We're retiring later, we're retiring slowly, and some of us aren't retiring at all. 

And many of us are starting new projects, developing new skills, getting revved up for this next part of life. How can you embody "it's not too late" for those around you?  

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