Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Poem from the Japanese Garden workshop

Last Tuesday I taught a workshop at the Japanese Garden called "In Praise of Small Things." One of the activities was to explore the garden for a while and notice 10 small things and make 3 notes about each one. Then, when the participants returned to the pavilion, I asked them to pick one of those things and write a recipe for it.

Here's one I wrote:

Koi Kuchen

1 cup each copper, gold, and white  
A large pond, not too cold
6 1/2 rays of sunshine, fairly thick
1 or more deep shadows
Assorted scales and muscles

Mix the scales and muscles well. Add the colors. Be careful not to overmix them. Patches are best. Shape into slim bodies, blunted snouts, and flexible tales. Drop one at time into the pond. Intermingle the sun rays and deep shadow. Allow to thrive.

Serving portion: 20 minutes of meditation each morning

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