Friday, September 5, 2014

Poem from life

Tired Days of Summer

The light is changing
thickening in the mornings now
The breeze carries a touch of fall
Just a hint
Maybe it's the tired exhalation
of the trees
the sap slowing
the greening finished for the year
Like them
I am waiting for summer to be over
The string of sunny days
Has grown monotonous
to this winter baby
who likes it cool and cloudy
who loves coziness
Nothing's fresh now
the petunias leggy
one last bloom on each long stalk
the lushness of my neighbor's garden
now a tangle of the moribund
It is not a bad time, this ending,
this ritual
And if I see it as rest, as quiet
before the turning of autumn
I can still my impatience and
do my own exhalations

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