Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poem from life

My Faithful Fans

Yesterday morning
I turned off the fans
the ginormous standing soldier
at the front door
the white box that
tries to keep the kitchen cool
the little hefty Vornado in the office
that follows me around the room
like a puppy
My bedroom has two
so I have breeze from two directions
on those nights it's too hot outside
to open the windows
I appreciate my fans
and their faithful service
but I've grown weary
of their clamoring attention
the constant chatter
the noise so white as to blind my ears
I don't hear the phone ring
or the lovely purring of Nellie
from across the room
They've saved me, they have
they've made my apartment bearable
but like too many guests
they've outstayed their welcome
They've made my home
an unfriendly place
I'm ready to have the quiet again
the quiet that comes with the cool of fall

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