Friday, September 19, 2014

Recognizing sufficiency

In the money program I've been participating in since February, we talk a lot about living from sufficiency rather than scarcity. Money has a whole different effect on us when we believe there's enough, however much that is, instead of always thinking we need more. And of course, this has great importance for those of us who are addicts because we always think we don't have enough of whatever it is and that we should stockpile more.

So I've been looking for ways to register sufficiency and satisfaction, working to become conscious of moments when I feel content, happy with the way things are in that moment. And I've developed a mantra that is really helpful for me. When I find one of those moments, I say to myself (or out loud sometimes), This is enough. Right here. Right now. 

Recent sufficiency moments: Holding Evie, listening to her purr, and rocking in the rocking chair. Talking with friends over dinner last night. Lying in bed listening to the crickets of Marin County out the window and feeling the cool breeze wash over me after a very hot day. Eating an extraordinarily delicious black plum. Hearing a woman I don't know well say how glad she is to be getting to know me. Feeling love for my best friend. Walking on the beach with my sister.

What for you is enough, right here, right now?

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