Thursday, October 9, 2014

A poem from life

The Skin I'm in

My client sits across from me
She's 19, Chinese, and her skin
Is flawless
Rose-tinted, clear,
The smooth of the young
She's moving into the prime
Of her beauty
And I am long past mine
I glance down at my arm
Freckles, the red dots of
A benign skin condition
Scaly patches inherited from my dad
Age spots from all that youthful
Decades of sun, of alcohol
All showing up now
My hands are old
My legs chronically dry
Despite the river of lotion
They dip into each day
For a few seconds
My admiration turns to envy
I want her skin, her youth,
All her possibilities
And then I lean back
Into the comfort of my own skin
That has served me so well
For so long
And gratitude trumps envy


Tina Green said...

Beautiful Jill! I love it.

dharmatalk said...

Be grateful as we have passed our prime. Age is a natural process and we have once have that beautiful skin as well.