Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Firing my juicer

About a week ago, in a fit of anger and frustration, I fired my fancy juicer. I was so in love with green juice 18 months ago, that I didn't see the juicer's shortcomings. It was compact, it was supposed to be the most nutritious juicer (centrifuge and chopper), and it didn't seem all that difficult to clean.

As long as I made juice every day, it worked great. But then I realized I could freeze the fresh juice and do the work once a week, and my little fancy juicer was not very happy. It would stop, clog, run off its track, I had to clean it several times in each juicing. What a pain! Finally it whacked off two big pieces of plastic from one of the parts. I got so disgusted I threw the broken part in the trash and then the other pieces (minus the motor).

I emailed the company to find out that the juicer I had purchased required that all fruit be peeled and cut into small pieces. How did I not know that before I bought it? I buy organic and want to juice the whole fruit and vegetable. So I ordered the much sturdier, much cheaper model. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works!

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