Tuesday, October 21, 2014

For Nellie

I'll have many cats in heaven
if pure souls always go
I'll meet them all again

Max with three-legged courage
Faithful Sasha
Jake, marked down to $9.99 at the pet store
Reinie, the beautiful
Maurie, the homeless

There've been others too, in and out of my life
Wanderers, loaners, leavers
Simon, Jesse, Mickey, Willie Duncan

So there'll be a pride to greet me
when I cross over

It comforts me to think
they may have found each other already
swapping stories of how much I loved them
of how much I spoiled them
how many times they got me
to get up and let them in and out

It comforts me to think
they greeted Nellie when she
came through the tunnel and into the light

Children who've died
and come back
all say an animal accompanied
them through the tunnel
a hummingbird, a bumble bee, a hamster
It's a perfect job for Nellie
who greeted everyone
who came to my door
Maybe she's already guiding
the wee ones who leave early
into the next whatever
Or maybe she'll take up
with my others and tell
her side of our story
All I know is that if any cat
will be there at the end
of the tunnel to welcome
me home, it will be Nell

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