Sunday, October 19, 2014

My new juicer

My new juicer arrived about a week ago. Uncharacteristically, I didn't open the box at first. While I went on loving green juice and smoothies, I had become so disenchanted by the expensive juicer, that I didn't want to take a chance that this one would be even more of a hassle. Plus it was in such a huge box, I was afraid it was going to take over my kitchen. And I had some juice frozen so wasn't in immediate need.

Then last weekend, I opened the box and took out the juicer. I wa relieved to see that it was in a lot of packaging (although sadly huge chunks of unrecyclable molded styrofoam). It is some bigger than the old one but not excessively. I washed it and put it together (no more complicated than the last one) and then got out my washed organic produce. Three limes, three cucumbers, two bunches of kale, 1/2 pound of carrots, three heads of romaine, a bunch of flat leaf parsley, 3 apples. 15 minutes later 3 quarts of juice: ends off cukes and romaine, cores out of apples (2 minutes), juice took 8, clean-up took 5.

I love the new juicer!

PS Three limes may be too much. Tart!

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