Friday, November 21, 2014

Some of what I learned from the More Money Guaranteed program

My 9-month program about transformng my relationship with money came to a close at the end of October. It was a highly successful investment for me. It was more money than I'd every spent on anything and I got more out of it than I could ever have imagined.

Here are just a few of the things that happened for me:

  • I got the courage to double my hourly rate.
  • I made significantly more money as a consequence.
  • I finally found a successful way to stop overworking.
  • I got things done on my longterm to-do list that I didn't think would ever get finished: an inventory of my art, an art website, five ebooks written and published, an Etsy shop. 
  • I gained a much greater understanding of investing and how to make the most of the money I do have and orchestrated some changes with my financial advisor and jumped in to do a little investing on my own.
  • I met 70 amazing and inspiring people and became good friends with several of them. 
The program is happening again next year (Feburary through November). There are numerous payment options and some very hefty scholarships depending on your income and networth. If you would like to transform your money and your life, I highly recommend it. And yes, I am taking it again! That's how good it was.

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