Thursday, November 13, 2014

Writing a book that includes failure

For the last five months, I've been working on a book on sugar and food addiction. I have wanted to write this book for some time. Many recovering alcoholics turn to sugar and why not? Alcohol is fermented sugar. In fact, many meetings serve sugar (doughnuts, cookies, birthday cake). And yet in most AA meetings, sugar addiction is not a topic on the table although many of us eat it like there's no tomorrow.

Part of my impetus to write the book was my success with the food plan. For nine months, I thought I had my food addiction under control. I wouldn't have said "cured" but I was galloping in remission. And then I wasn't. My quandary now: are there readers for a self-help book that doesn't have the answer?

Of course, there's always room to tell my story, to talk of my struggle, but is that enough? I'm no longer sure.

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Susan REES said...

I feel like saying "if you write it, it will sell" but the more important thing is, do YOU need to write the book so that in the process some of YOUR questions would be answered? I truly believe there is room for a book on sugar addiction as only you YOU would write it. Your book on SOBER PLAY has already helped me more than I can say.

There's something about a book written by someone who is in the field with us, boots on the ground, trudging just like us.