Monday, December 15, 2014

A lesson from Mr. Sam

While four cats is a lot and I'm reluctant to get a fourth again, my household of cat personalities was better balanced when Nellie was here. With the four, I had a social companion (Nellie), a doofus (Sammy), a feral spooker (Evie), and a fraidy cat (Frannie). With the loss of the soothing old soul that Nellie was, I'm less grounded, less comforted and there's an overabundance of timidity in the house.

So I'm looking to Sammy for lessons in how to be. In the weeks since Nellie died, Frannie has stepped fully into alpha position in the pride and has been tooting her own weight around. I've nicknamed her Prison Mama. She walks by the other two very closely, sniffs them while they eat, pushes them out of the way at times. Evie freaks and runs, but Sammy just looks at her and goes on doing his own thing. He's friendly, predictable, and dependable. Loves to be petted, including belly rubs, happy indoors or out, not finicky about food. Doesn't sulk, doesn't whine. Whatever's going on, he's good with it.

I could learn a lot from this boy.

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