Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Coincidental encounters with the past

In October, I had two interesting coincidences that involved the two most important romantic relationships in my past. The first was odd enough. The second coming a week later made me curious about what's in my astrology chart!

In the first experience, my good friend Sharon was over from Bend for a few days and we had a lovely dinner at Nostrana. Towards the end of the evening, she wanted to ask me a question that concerned a friend of hers from high school whom she had reconnected with in Bend. Usually these types of questions concern a problem with alcohol, but instead her friend wanted to know if I was the Jill Kelly who had been involved with a man named Robert Spott. The question took me so much by surprise that I could only nod. No one has spoken that name to me in decades. Rob and I were partnered for six years in the early 70s and had a most unpleasant end to our relationship, which I've written about in my memoir, Sober Truths.Turned out Sharon's friend had been married to him for a lot of years, had a son with him, and has been divorced from him for a long time. It was the oddest feeling. I told Sharon I'd be happy to talk with her but the woman hasn't followed up on it.

Two weeks later in North Carolina where I was giving a weekend workshop, I sat at a table at the final meal with some of the participants. I talked a little about living in central Virginia in the 80s and one of the women had gone to college then in the town I lived in and had had classes from Dan, my partner of 11 years, and was friends with the student he married after we broke up. She had read my memoir and now put 2 and 2 together. Another coincidental encounter with my past.

Not so many degrees of separation in our world.

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