Friday, December 19, 2014

Pause when agitated

These three words are a common saying in 12-Step programs. They refer primarily to those occasions where we tend to do something we'll regret later: a nasty remark, a slammed door, an unkind email. It's a variation on "think before you speak" or "take a deep breath first."

I'd always assumed that it had to do with being angry, that that's what the "agitated" meant. And as I'm not someone who gets angry very often, it didn't seem to apply to me. But as I delve deeper into the writing of my book on sugar and food addiction, I see how this can apply. For agitation can be any negative emotion: restlessness, boredom, grief, irritability, discontent. And I quite often experience these, sometimes several in a day.

And if I could learn to pause when agitated, might I then not get up and go to the kitchen and find something to eat? Something to consider.

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