Friday, January 30, 2015

Central column breathing--an easy meditation for those who struggle

In my renewed meditation practice, I have found myself returning to a form of it that I discovered in researching the chakra energy centers. While this meditation doesn't address the chakras directly, it is a good centering device. I like it because it gives my monkey mind something to count and to visualize.

Central Column Breathing

Stand or sit with your spine straight and your body balanced. Do not cross your legs if you are sitting in a chair or your ankles if you are sitting on the floor, unless you are in the lotus posture or a cross-legged posture.

Begin by being aware of the rhythm of your breathing and letting it slow down.

Downward sequence: Now draw the breath in as though it comes from just above the crown of your head; draw it down through the center of your body. Change to the out-breath at a point that feels natural for you and breathe out as though the breath was moving down and through your legs and into the earth. Breathe in this way five times: (five in/out breaths = one sequence).

Upward sequence: Now draw the breath up from the earth, through your feet and legs. Change to the out-breath at a natural point, and exhale up through your upper body and out the crown of your head. Breathe in this way 5 times: (five in/out breaths = one sequence).

Alternate five downward breaths with five upward breaths. Always end on the downward sequence. Repeat the whole sequence more than once if you wish.


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