Thursday, January 15, 2015

My 2015 creative challenge

Each year during the New Year's retreat, I spend some time making a list of creative ideas for the coming year. I make an impossibly long list of ambitious ideas because it's not a to-do list but rather a list of possibilities to consider.And then I spend a little time listening for what really sings to me from the list, what will I most enjoy doing.

One of the ideas that really appealed to me for this year is to write a lot of poetry. I have two books half-completed and I know I will finish them up. But with both, I'm at the rewriting stage, not the imaginative stage, and I wanted a way to write fresh most days. So my challenge to myself is to draft 300 poems this year, basically one a day with 65 days to slack off. And of course, nothing keeps me from writing a second poem in a day if I feel so inclined.

I wrote poem #15 last night and what I'm discovering is that I am beginning to pay attention to what happens in each day that might invoke a poem, a reflection. What have I seen, felt, said, heard, tasted, experienced that deserves deeper consideration? Since a second challenge this year is increase my level of consciousness, of paying attention, this is a great choice.

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