Friday, January 2, 2015

My intention for 2015

Each year on this New Year's retreat, we spend time giving ourselves credit for all the things we're proud of in the year before, make a list of possible wondrous things to do in the next year, and then each set an intention that becomes a kind of umbrella idea for our year.

As you know, an intention is not a goal, a task, or a project but rather a way of being that we want to step into. When we gathered in circle last night to welcome in the new year, I hadn't given my intention much thought. We set aside a few minutes in which to consider some things but almost immediately, I knew what my intention would be: to be good to myself and to others.This resonated particularly deeply with me because I'm moving into recovery from sugar and food addiction again and being good to myself will mean yes to some things I want and no to other things I want.

Today I'll be making a list of ways I can be good to myself and ways I can be good to others. I love this process.

What is your intention for 2015?

Photo: The alders at Aldermarsh

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