Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poem #27

I've agreed to host five angels
They arrive tonight at 10:30
And I'll have to stay up to let them in
There's an altar prepared
White flower, white candle
Three wishes sealed up
One for the Earth, one for me, one for my family
And an apple, to eat on their departure
In five days

They were visiting my friend Concetta
And then took five days off
Being with humans must wear them out
Our angst, our anger
But mostly our fears
Without bodies, these angels must be fearless
Finding some other way to relate to the world
To be with us

During their visit, I can call on them
For counsel
For help
For clarity
But I want to call on them
For peace
For faith
For trust
These are the things I most need
In the face of my aging
In the face of the dying planet
In the face of our misguided desires

I have cleaned for the angels
I have prepared the altar
But it is a gamble
For I do not believe in angels
Not yet anyway.

Jill Kelly
January 2015

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