Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shades of my younger years

Around 1980, I got hooked on the soap opera General Hospital. I was still a graduate student and I'd teach in the mornings and then have the afternoons free to study. But every afternoon from 3 to 4, I watched GH. I even gave this habit to Frankie, the main character in my upcoming novel, When Your Mother Doesn't. But I was never a Dallas or Dynasty fan; the back-biting antics of the rich and famous didn't interest me. That is, until I recently discovered Revenge.

In this just barely plausible TV series, a beautiful young woman of unlimited means takes on avenging her father's wrongful imprisonment and death for laundering money for terrorists. The guilty are the most prominent family in the East Hamptons of Long Island. I'm hooked on the show for a couple of reasons. It has the most amazing plot twists and it's a superb fashion show: all the women characters wear some stunning new item in every scene.

I'm on episode 20 and I keep myself on a leash: my limit is three episodes a day. But I do find it fun to be so wrapped up in this other world.

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