Monday, January 26, 2015

Stepping into my new year possibilities

I don't make resolutions anymore but I do consider new year possibilities. I can have as many as I like and I can let them go at any time if they don't appeal to me anymore. So far I've embraced three possibilities with some success.  Two of these have grown out of my writing my book on sugar addiction.

1. I have committed to daily meditation. I have meditated off and on for 40 years but mostly off. However, I can see from thinking about recovery from sugar and food addiction  that paying attention and being conscious are key components. So since New Year's I have sitting for 15 minutes every morning shortly after I get up. There are many ways to become more conscious but meditation always tops the list and I haven't given it much of a try for a long time. Sometimes I have feline company. I am slowly becomng regular in this habit.

2. I got off recreational sugar again. No desserts, sweet snacks, candy, etc. Having done this once before, several years ago, I know it's best for me to not make any other dietary changes for the first month, so I'm allowing myself to eat anything else I want. The first week was hard and now the cravings are less and less. I'm glad to discover that I feel better again and have more energy.

3. I am writing 300 poems this year. Today I wrote #30. I've changed my routine to journaling in the evening and writing a poem in the morning about something I experienced or observed the day before. I'm having a lot of fun with them.

What possibilities are you embracing this year?

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