Friday, February 13, 2015

Being remembered

My good friend Sue had a number of friends die in December and January, some ready to go, some not. On January 31, she had three memorial services to attend, all about the same time. It was a hard choice. I had lunch with her the day after, and she talked about the stories people told about her friend and then said, "I need to do some adventures so people will have something to talk about at my service."

We talked about how we want to be remembered and what stories people would tell about us. I know my siblings, especially my sister Kerry, would have a lot of funny stories to tell. Whether she would feel up to telling them is another matter. Sometimes our families aren't the most vocal folks at our memorials.

I guess some of it is how well known we are. Some of my friends know me well; many don't. I'm a private person, an introvert, and we don't create so many funny stories in our lives as extroverts. Even in my drinking years, I was pretty private about it all. Maybe it won't be stories about me. Maybe it will be impressions. I'm okay with that. I think what I want to do now are not adventures, but kindnesses and generosities. That would be a great impression to leave.

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