Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Inching closer to commitment

A small band of us comrades in forks are contemplating what it would take to be the exception in food recovery. Not just in general but me/us specifically. This has gotten me thinking about how I have been that exception with alcohol but not with food. One of the things that has made sobriety relatively simple is that my life now and for the last 20 plus years has been way, way better than it was when I drank. I don't want to give this life up.

I'm having a hard time imagining that if I give up compulsive overeating, my life will be way, way better than it is now. I'm finding myself back in an old familiar place where faith and imagination are not strong enough to carry me forward. And of course, I never stay abstinent long enough to find out.

What I find quite interesting about this observation is that it is both confronting and encouraging. There just may be a way to open this door.

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