Sunday, February 1, 2015

Month 2 of my recovery from sugar and food addiction project

Since the first of the year, I've been experimenting with my own program for recovery from sugar and food addiction. In writing my book about this, which will come out later this year, I've seen just how complex a condition it is and how no simple answer exists. So in surrendering to that complexity, I started looking at all the various things that might make up a program of support for my recovery. 

In January, I made a commitment to meditate every morning. I've been a recreational meditator for decades, taking it seriously only sporadically. But if consciousness, awareness, and paying attention can support my recovery, then I'm willing to give meditation a more serious try. I also made a commitment to get off recreational sugar, sugar that was not part of a natural food or sugar that was a treat. With one exception, I did that last month.

Now it's February and I'm thinking about adding a couple of additonal supports to my plan. First I'm going to add 5 minutes to my morning meditation and see how that feels. And I'm going to begin my exploration of support from other people for my recovery. As a fiercely independent person with a history of untrustworthy choices with others, this is rather daunting to me. But I know it's an essential piece.

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