Friday, March 13, 2015

Becoming willing to be supported

Being supported is something I wrestle with a lot. I was an independent child. I learned to read early so that I could read silently to myself. I didn't like being read to (turns out I'm not an aural/audio learner but a visual learner). I was smart and could do things a lot faster than other people (although not necessarily any better) and it was just easier to depend on myself. I hated group projects in school or at work, those interminable committee meetings where nothing got done (did I also mention I'm a productivity junkie?)

Knowing that I need support is not my struggle. It's how much and when to ask. The cautionary tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf stuck with me as a child. My mother had little patience for moods and emotions and so I gauged how much I could get and how often. It's not an open-hearted or open-handed way to go through life, assuming others will be annoyed if you ask for help for something you could handle on your own. 

Of the many things I can see that I need to be an exception in sugar recovery, asking for help is up there close to the top. This is definitely something I'm going to have to practice.

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