Friday, March 27, 2015

Realizing the entitlements that are running me

Somehow I've been under the impression that entitlements are something that right-wing Congresspeople have and not something that affects little ol' me. But at the first Money Course workshop this year, we talked about how entitlements are often running our relationship with money and I began to see how that's true, and in more ways than just money.

I made the money and I'm entitled to spend it any way I want. Free shipping means I can buy more. I should be able to eat anything I want any time I want it. People should behave better. 

You get the picture. To an extent, some entitlements are true. Lots of times, people should behave better. I did make the money and I can spend it however I want. But they don't often serve us very well. 

Take eating anything I want. I lean into that entitlement a lot. Then the weight comes back on, the sluggishness, the shame. It's just not helpful.

What entitlements don't serve you?


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