Sunday, April 12, 2015

90 wants

At the first Money Course weekend workshop in February, author Jack Canfield was one of the presenters. I've never been a big Chicken Soup for the Soul fan. A bit too sentimental for this aging recovering cynic. But he was a dynamic presenter with a lot of good ideas and I decided to get and read his book, Success Principles

One of his exercises has struck me as an intriguing challenge: writing a list of 90 wants. Thirty things you want to have, thirty things you want to do, thirty things you want to be. And then he helps you move toward them. He also encourages us to make the list in a fairly short period of time. dave ellis in his work also encourages a lot of wanting so that you are clear about what's important to you. So I'm going to take this on. 

What 90 things would make your list? 

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