Thursday, April 23, 2015

bikes and childhood

I got pretty depressed yesterday reading about the ocean. The dying off of sardines, which will be devastating for lots of other species, the dying dolphins with radiated lungs from Fukashima, the starving seal pups. I needed the gratitude of the beautiful spring day we were having and so I walked down to my studio and back. The air was cool and I passed lilacs and other fragrant flowers, the trees were leafing out, and I could step briefly into joy and gratitude.

About three blocks from my house, 4th-graders from the school one street over were practicing bike safety. They were helmeted and lined up on bikes and learning to signal, turn, stop safely in the street. There was a lot of joy in their faces. They were as glad to be outside as I was. And I thought about how these kids are having what we think of as a normal childhood and I wondered if they will be the last generation to have this kind of early stability. And I was glad they were so in the moment and not having the kind of adult thoughts I was having.

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