Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gearing up to be amazon-free in April

The Money Course asks us to be conscious spenders. In fact, the first big assignment is to look at our spending for the last year in detail, month by month. Where does it all go? The other members of my small group talked about how daunting this task is and I could agree. It was for me last year. This year I already know where my big expenditures are (beyond fixed costs of rent, etc.).

One of the biggest sinkholes for me is amazon. And if we spend at different levels of maturity, I'm a toddler on amazon. I want it and I want it now. Getting Prime with free delivery has just exacerbated that for me. So in a bold move, I am making April an amazon-free month. No purchases. None. 

My plan is to keep track of what I want, what my urges are, and how much I would have spent. This will give me some good information about what's going on and to connect with my impulses and override them. When one of the members of the small group heard this, she committed to joining me. Anybody else game to play? 

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