Monday, April 6, 2015

Prayers for Rose

Last Sunday I spoke at an AA meeting. On the last Sunday of the month, they ask an old-timer in the program to come and tell their story. After 25 years, I know I qualify as an old-timer but it's still a little odd to think of myself that way. So I went and I told some of my story: how drinking took over my life, leaving me next to nothing; how I found the way out through AA and writing and painting, how magical I find the program and how that magic is available to all of us. 

After the meeting, a young woman came up to me. Her name was Rose and her boyfriend had just left her because she was drinking again. She'd been coming to AA for three years, at one time had 70 days, but now was drinking most days. We talked a long time, I agreed to sponsor her, we made plans to talk on the phone. 

Monday morning she texted me her number, asked what time she could call me. And I haven't heard from him since. My heart breaks for her and it takes me back to those days, weeks, months, years, when I couldn't stop. I was lucky to find AA, to keep going back, to let alcohol go. I'm holding Rose in my heart. If you pray, please send one up for her too.

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