Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A poem for Bridget

What to say to my daughter
who is moving across country
to be more fully in love's grasp
Don't go?
Stay here where I can love you?
I need your inspiration, your example?
But I cannot say any of this
For she is not my daughter
Only the daughter I would choose
if I had one
For her complications
Her tender heart
Her show tunes and quick laugh
Her creative soul
And even if I were her birth mother
I could not say Stay
I could not deprive her
of this chance
Not this woman who settled
for too little too long
and who now can step into
an emotional world
wide with possibility
What to say to her?
I cannot say I'll miss you
Words she's said weigh her down
with obligation
I'll have to settle for happiness
and keep secret in my heart
the longing that she will return

Jill Kelly, 2015

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