Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poem 141

The last mementos
got recycled last night
Random letters from
family and friends
old calendars
and date books
I don't know
what I kept them for
Perhaps proof
that I was busy
that I worked
that I taught
that I had friends
that I had a life

No one will carry
the Kelly DNA forward
My brother's daughters
are childless by choice
like me
My sister's boys were adopted
How often do they think of my parents?
How often do I?
How often will they think of me?
And after them, no one

It seemed right to let it all go
those fading letters from
a different era of communication
those calendars documenting
dental appointments and
committee meetings

It's what I do now
that matters
what I create
that may last

A comforting thought

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