Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taking things for granted and poetry writing

My favorite blogger, Leo Babauta, recently wrote about the sad reality of taking things for granted, things like sunshine, roses, our human form with its senses, food, love, connection. And I find myself wanting to slow down, stay awake, be in this life while I'm in it.

I think some of this is being satisfied by my current poetry writing activity. While I don't write a poem every day (that seemed too tyrannical even for me who loves structure so much), I do write a poem or two every couple of days and so I am watching for observations, experiences, visuals that intrigue me. It is making me more alive in my life.

What is keeping you alive in your life?


sorella said...
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sorella said...

SPACIOUS SCHEDULE! As in -- I have become adept at prioritizing and letting go.