Monday, June 29, 2015

Mindfulness and the heat

At the beginning of our current seemingly endless heat wave, I was in much cooler San Jose at a workshop. I was distressed to see on the weather app on my phone that brutal heat was coming our way. Like most Portlanders, I don't have air conditioning. Typically we get a heat wave about every six or seven years and it lasts 3 or 4 days. That's about the same frequency as we get a lasting snow storm.

But this was looking serious: 90s as far as they could predict, or worse. I mentioned this to my friend Margaret, also from Portland, who was at breakfast with me. She listened to me and then said, "But you're here now and it's quite cool and comfortable. You're okay in this moment."

I love how she reeled me in from future projection back into my present moment.

I did come home to heat. This is day 8 of it with 7 more forecast but I'm holding to Margaret's advice. At this moment, in my home, it's about 80. I have a fan blowing on me and I'm quite comfortable. I'm okay in this moment. And that's the only moment there is.   

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