Monday, June 15, 2015

Pretending to not be old

Lately, I've noticed that more and more I am pretending to not be old. It isn't so much in how I look, though I keep my hair dark and my extra pounds keep my wrinkles plumped up so my skin looks younger (and I inherited my mother's lovely English skin). No, the pretending has to do with how I move.

Of course, there's the diminishing synovial fluid in my joints that makes me just generally stiff if I've been sitting for too long. And my ability to get up off the floor unaided, which wasn't even all that great when I was young, just disappeared some time back. Perhaps worst of all, low back and S-I joint problems that 20 years ago made it painful to sweep the floor (who needs to do that anyway?) now make it difficult for me to walk long distances or stand for long periods.

Some of these issues I can readily admit. But I noticed myself this morning forcing myself to walk briskly up the stairs from the garbage cans to my apartment without hanging on to the handrail because my young neighbor was watching. I think this may be a kind of vanity that I didn't know was coming. :)

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