Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp Innerkid

Some of you know that on my spiritual director's advice, I am taking the month of August off from paid work, a first whole month off in 25 years. When I told my friend Penny about this plan, she asked me what I planned to do with the month. Not much, I said, my commitment is to just be with myself and treat myself and my inner children selves as kindly and lovingly as possible. She then asked me what I liked to do as a child and I told her I liked to go to camp (both Camp Fire Girls and Presbyterian Church camp).

On further questioning, I told her I liked having a bit of a schedule, I liked ritual, I liked craft time and swimming, I liked quiet time for writing home, I liked taking a nap. I liked singing around the fire. Hiking in the woods with mosquitoes got a pass.

So I'm making some plans for Camp Innerkid this next month. I don't yet know what all that will involve. I want to keep things low cost (no incoming revenue all month) and low key: no big travel plans, no big projects. I will keep writing and painting as they're very compatible with camp but productivity won't be the goal; fun will be. I can give my inner selves some choices of activities each day and see what I/we feel like doing.

At the same time, I will have some adult responsibilities to maintain. Going to the gym, attending webinars and phone calls for my money program, a doctor's appt. But I'm not putting anything much else in my calendar.

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