Sunday, July 19, 2015

Elegy for Quincy

When I walk in the door
She bursts into tears
Two days of worsening news
Quincy's heart is failing
His lungs are full
The drugs of no use
She describes his fight to breathe
And my heart breaks for her
There is no happy ending ahead
Only release for the one to go
Only grief for the one left behind

We talk, we sit in silence together
We can feel death approaching
No grim reaper though but peace like
The fog in Sandburg's poem

I drive us out to the hospital
The night is too warm, uninviting
But we make our way
Toward the relief and release
Of love's contract

Oxygen has brought no change
Quincy is desperate, drowning
She steps up, she steps into
The responsibility of choice
She says her goodbyes
The vet slips the relief
Into Quincy's veins
He relaxes, he rests, he goes.

On the drive back,
No tears, no remorse
Just the presence of his absence
And the deeper bond of our friendship

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