Sunday, July 12, 2015

Scarcity vs. Suffiency or Where does the time go?

On retreat this week, one of the participants was talking about her chronic frustration with time and energy: she has some chronic health problems that impact her energy level and she feels she never has enough time or energy to do all the many things she would like to. While we can all relate in some way to this, her situation is more acute and she often has only 3-4 hours of energy in a day.

After she'd talked about this for a while, I mentioned the themes of sufficiency and scarcity that my money program often talks about, and how all that's needed to move out of this kind of suffering is an attitudinal switch, a reframing of your reality, not a change in your circumstances. We get to choose whether we maintain permanent residence in Scary City, as my friend Brian calls scarcity, or whether we move to Sufficiency.

The retreat participant was so intrigued by this idea that she took on identifying things during the day each day that were sufficient, satisfying, enough. She began sharing them with us each evening at circle. Bird song, sighting of a deer in the meadow, a good talk at lunch, solving a problem in her manuscript, walking 10,000 steps. Her lists were lovely and inspirational, and the change in her whole self was amazing. I was greatly inspired.

What satisfactions or evidence of sufficiency would be on your list today?

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