Thursday, August 27, 2015

An ugly brush with sadism

I do my best to keep most of these posts pretty positive but I feel a need today to express both my outrage and deep grief. Yesterday on Facebook, a friend posted a desperately distressing video called 30 Seconds in the Life of Sara. Sara is/was a cow in a factory farm. This is not a video about the horrible conditons these animals live in. It is a video about sadistic cruelty and brutality to these animals. I only watched about six seconds and I turned it off because I couldn't bear it. A white man (shown only from the shoulders down) punches the calf in the head several times, stuffs a rope down her throat, and then strangles her with it. I stopped watching at this point because I was sobbing and close to throwing up.

Cruelty to animals is incomprehensible to me. Dog fights, cock fights, torturing cats and dogs, beating and starving horses. How is it that we have raised this man in the video to be someone who does that? Who is so powerless, so full of hate and rage, that he will torture a defenseless creature and still have his job and perhaps have his behavior condoned and even applauded by his fellow workers.

I wept off and on all day yesterday and today. And for the first time in decades, I thought yesterday about suicide, questioning whether I could continue to live in a world that lets this brutality, this sadism happen. This and all the  terrible things that humans, mostly men, do to women, children, babies, and other men. It was a fleeting thought, but sometimes it is just too much to bear.

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