Monday, August 31, 2015

My $215 scatalogical failure

For most of the summer, I've had a cat poop problem. As most of you know, I have three cats. I have a big cat box in my bathroom, which is cleaned daily. My cats are inside/outside cats, about 50/50. Only Frannie is willing to use the litterbox exclusively though Evie will do so if she finds herself in the house too long. Sammy won't. He just won't.

My second landlord has discontinued the first landlord's practice of mulching the shrub beds and my cats, my neighbor's cats, other neighborhood cats, and the occasional passing dog with an inconsiderate owner have taken to using the beds. In the heat of this summer, it stinks. And it particularly stinks under the windows of the petless couple in the front apartment so I've been diligent about cleaning up after Sammy but I am tired of cleaning up for the neighborhood.

Several online locations recommended bark mulch as a solution, saying the cats wouldn't put their paws on it because of splinters. I asked my landlord about it and he said go ahead. He didn't offer to pay however. So I bought 13 bags of mulch and hired a friend to clean the beds out and spread the mulch. They look so much better.

And the cats are still pooping in the beds. If you have ideas, I'm all ears!

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