Saturday, August 15, 2015

Rolling with change

I've received two pieces of information this past week that have rattled my stability cage a bit. Both of them have helped me remember to consider change as a good thing instead of something to rale against.

I got a letter from the manager of our studio co-operative saying that as he had suspected, our building is going up for sale (the original owner died some years ago and left it to his sister. She died at age 96 last March). The historic building (it was a commercial laundry for about 65 years) has been an artists' coop since 1977 but in today's hot real estate market, it will go to a commercial developer for condos or apartments most likely. I've loved having my studio there. It's 9 blocks from my apartment and affordable. We have another 7 months but the loss of it is coming.

I also got an email saying that my steadiest client has hired an in-house editing manager. She will be organizing things, which we freelancers have needed, but she will also be doing reports and finding ways to cut back on the time we spend on the reports. The rub is that we're paid by the hour so that will diminish our income as well as make fewer reports available to us contractors.

In each of these cases, I thought about getting upset and then just let it go. I want to be somebody who embraces change, even the ones I don't want, rather than fighting them or complaining about them. I read a lovely thought today: Shift from thinking that things happen to you to thinking that things happen for you.

I'm curious to see what gifts these two big changes are going to bring.

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