Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unwelcome fellow campers at Camp Innerkid

Some unpleasant changes here at camp. On Sunday, the camp director closed the little store. She'd seen that I'd been way overcharging my account on candy and ice cream bars. Then on Monday, a new load of campers showed up.

First, off the bus was Bonnie Boredom. She weighs about 500 pounds and came lumbering into the cabin, throwing that weight around. She sat on me most of the afternoon and everything that had been so much fun the week before, she sneered at. Coloring? for fools! Reading? Who cares! Writing a poem!? For sissies! The only thing she was interested in was napping. Oh, and did I mention she complained and complained about the heat.

My other new bunkmate for a couple of days was Rhonda Restless. She took the top bunk and kept jiggling her legs and flopping around on the mattress so that Bonnie and I could hardly nap. As soon as lights went out the first night, she dragged out a suitcase that had her private stash of desserts. I've done my best not to break into that stash.

Yesterday afternoon, Bonnie and Rhonda took a hike (after I told them to) and I was able to settle down again. I've asked the director to ban them from camp. Hope she listens.

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