Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The coming of Josie, Part I

I admit it. I'm a cat lady. I don't know yet about the "crazy" part of that label. I may not be the best judge of that. But I do love cats and wish I could rescue them all. A few weeks ago, I accompanied my friend Pam to the humane society where she got two charmers: Bubba and Jolene. Of course, that set off my own yearning but I knew the timing wasn't quite right although I was thinking about it.

Two weeks ago, I went back to visit a tuxedo girl who'd already been there for a month. I knew what I was doing. I wanted my beloved Nellie girl back and hoped that this girl might be enough the same to fill the bill. She didn't. She had come from an investigation of abuse and needed a home with adult humans and no other pets. But then I met Josie, a tiny silver tabby, and I lost my heart to this little girl.

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