Wednesday, September 2, 2015

What I learned at Camp Innerkid

I went back to work on Sept 1 after three weeks off work, something I hadn't done in more than 25 years. I didn't travel or have great adventures. I stayed home and was with myself. Oh, I had lunch with friends and went to the gym and my 12-Step meetings and did all my normal routines, but I spent a lot of quiet time with myself. Here's some of what I learned.

1. I can do nothing, literally nothing, for longer periods of time than I ever imagined without going crazy.
2. I do not have to work in order to feel good about myself.
3. Idle afternoons were greatly enhanced by a lot of ice cream, something I suspected and now know to be true. The ice cream was usually followed by a nap (aka sugar coma). Therefore, work and overeating are not necessarily linked. Afternoons and overeating seem to be the combination.
4. I revived my old interest in going to the movies in the afternoon (I saw Trainwreck, Inside Out, Love and Mercy, and Amy). I went with friends and by myself.
5. I read a lot, five or six books, and with great pleasure.
6. I wrote on my novel quite a lot.
7. I loved coloring but the joy in it wore off after a couple of weeks.
8. August didn't turn out to be a great month to do it because our weather was so hot that being outside was not a pleasure except in the very early mornings and my art studio was an oven.

I will do this again. Probably next year. But not in August.

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