Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Creating a 3-meal life

I haven't had a 3-meal life since I learned to feed myself. Snacking has been akin to breathing for me. As a skinny child, I was hungry all the time, as a growing adolescent, even more so. I began developing my addiction to sugar and flour at about age 10 when I would come home from school and eat 4-6 piees of buttered toast with jam or cinnamon and sugar. By 5th grade I was snacking at my school desk--those old wonderful desks where you lifted the lid and the teacher couldn't see what you were doing.

I must have suffered from some sort of food insecurity because I always had snacks with me. Nuts, candy, cheese, half a sandwich. I needed it to be safe, I guess. I've always eaten at work, in the library in college, in my dorm room, in the break room, in the car. In some of the worst of my addiction, I ate during the night--getting up for bowls of ice cream to tide me over till breakfast.

I prided myself on being a most flexible meal companion. Need to eat dinner early? No problem. I can snack later. Need to eat late? I can snack before. I fully embraced six small meals a day as license to graze, although that wasn't really what I was doing. I was eating all day long.

For the last two weeks, I've eaten three meals a day. Period. No snacks. It's astounding to me that I have been able to do this. The first few days were very hard. My inner kids were screaming at me. I was off sugar, off flour, and off snacks. As the days have gone by, it's gotten easier and Friday night. at a conference, I went 7 hours between lunch and dinner. I didn't faint, I didn't die. I had been told I'd get hungry and it would pass. It did. I more than survived. I was totally okay.

I also am learning to ask for what I need for this 3-meal life. No early dinner for me. No late dinner for me. If I have a lunch date, I eat 5 hours before and 5 hours after. It's going to be a very different life. 

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