Friday, October 30, 2015

Figuring out what I am committed to

This morning I'm debating whether to nudge a potential client one more time. She was referred by a mutual friend who is supporting her in getting her book out in the world. We had an initial conversation in August and two phone calls since then, on my instigation. She says she's eager and determined but nothing happens.

When I ran across this quote on Facebook recently, I thought of her: When something is important, we find a way. When it isn't important, we find an excuse. She says she wants to complete the book, our mutual friend also says she does, but she has a lot of excuses: travel, house remodelling, the list goes on. These other things are the important ones and she has every right to have them be so.

I'm certainly not immune from this. I've gotten good at pretending some things are important to me but if I judge by my actions, they're not because I don't move forward on them. They're shoulds or want to's, not priorities. I'm slowly learning the difference in how they feel in my body.

I am going to nudge her one last time because I said I would. And then it's up to her.

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