Monday, October 12, 2015

Once more with commitment

Last week, I signed up for Susan Peirce Thompson's Bright Line Eating boot camp. I need some serious support to get off sugar again. I need structure, I need commitment, I need help.

I debated doing it--yet another program, yet another food plan. What would make this different? Perhaps the fact that Thompson's success started in a 12-step program and she talks that language and has that orientation. It's a language and orientation that are familiar to me. That have been successful for me with alcohol for a very long time. Maybe it's her compelling arguments about the addictive nature of sugar and flour for some of us. Mostly it's such clear knowing that my way is not working, not even a little.

The boot camp is 8 weeks and multiple options to stay connected to the program after that. I'm hoping for a different relationship with food and with myself. Here goes!


One to One said...

Yes our re-commitment falls at the same time. All that there is really is this moment and then the next. Somehow I can handle this moment. I am happy to be well after my month with pneumonia. Followed by my mom's hip replacement and preceded by a family death. So here we are again connected by wanting health, longevity, freedom and a body which we support and which supports us. See you next weekend. Love.

Kristie Campbell said...


Could you please tell me what the meal plan is like? I've heard it is 4oz meat and 6oz vegetables for dinner and 14o vegetables for lunch? Is this correct?

Thank you very much